Born into a family of Afghan-Hazara refugees, Elaha Soroor first rose to fame through the TV show Afghan Star. Her rising popularity in a society known for it’s persecution of female performers combined with her outspoken views on women’s rights, led to an environment of serious personal danger, and Elaha was eventually forced to flee Afghanistan. After arriving in London as a refugee, Elaha was introduced to award-winning musician-producer duo Kefaya (Giuliano Modarelli & Al MacSween) and they began to develop a fresh new sound, encompassing Afghan folk, spiritual jazz, dub and electronica. 

Their new album 'Songs Of Our Mothers' is a collection of folk songs by Afghan women. An organic meeting of traditional and contemporary sounds, the album is a bold protest against patriarchy and a joyous statement of resilience and emancipation. Featuring an array of guest artists including Tamar Osborn, Jhotsna Shrikanth, Mohsen Namjoo, Sarathy Korwar & Manos Achalinotopoulos


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